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Our Services

Anesthesia Billing

Practice Management Group, LLC, recognizes the uniqueness involved with Anesthesia billing and coding. As a result, PMG utilizes a powerful software system that was specifically designed to accommodate the nuances of anesthesia practices. more

Billing Services

For over 20 years our clients have relied on our expertise to make a positive impact in their business. Our success depends on the provider’s success. We offer a seamless, dependable billing process that pays for itself. more

Pain Management

Practice Management Group, LLC, is a leader in pain management medical billing and we are well specialized in the field. Our pain management medical billing service is specially tailored to meet individual needs regardless of whether you are an individual physician, physician’s group, hospital, or a pain management clinic. more


Practice Management Group, LLC knows that today’s providers must participate in numerous provider networks and with a multitude of insurance carriers. As a result of our proactive approach we ensure that your initial applications for membership are completed correctly and that your renewal forms are updated properly and submitted on time. more


Our clients know the benefits they experience from our Financial Services Department. We provide timely and accurate financial information to healthcare providers which enables them to capitalize on their investment in both their medical profession and their practice. more

Managed Care

Practice Management Group, LLC offers providers a complete managed care billing and management service. Our innovative managed care billing service enables an increase in collections and faster payments. Billing errors are caught and corrected before they become problems which translates into a reduction in denials and an increase in cash flow. more


Practice Management Group, LLC ‘s comprehensive compliance program is of utmost importance to us. We offer assurance that strict guidelines are in place to provide for accurate CPT and ICD-9 code selection, billing and, of course, all the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. more

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