Practice Management Group, LLC ‘s comprehensive compliance program is of utmost importance to us.  We offer assurance that strict guidelines are in place to provide for accurate CPT and ICD-10 code selection, billing and, of course, all the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.  We rely on the Office of Inspector General and three very key components to maintaining our excellent record for compliance; random auditing, employee education, client document evaluation.  We foster a culture of compliance in all phases of PMG’s operations.  Our goal is to obtain for our clients the full patient care reimbursement to which they are legally and ethically entitled, and to always do so in a manner that complies with both the letter and the spirit of all applicable regulations and guidelines.

Compliance Services Include:

  • Employee confidentiality agreement
  • Payment posting verification
  • Secured off-site data storag
  • Encryption
  • Secure firewall
  • Coding review for accuracy
  • Refunds
  • HIPAA Compliant