Billing Services

For over 20 years our clients have relied on our expertise to make a positive impact in their business. Our success depends on the provider’s success. We offer a seamless, dependable billing process that pays for itself. Our dedicated and professional staff are experts in your specialty which promotes efficiency and accuracy in your billing & accounts receivables.This allows your current staff the freedom to concentrate on the needs ofyour practice and if you are in a specialty that does not currently need a staff, the ability to keep it that way.  You are more than our client, you are our partner.  If you don’t succeed, neither do we.  This is why it makes sense for you to focus on medicine and let us focus on the “business” of medicine.

Our Billing and AR Services Include:

  • CPT coding
  • ICD-10 coding
  • Charge capture
  • Charge ticket design
  • Concurrency tracking for Anesthesia
  • Payment posting
  • Payment balancing
  • Payment tracking
  • Information management
  • Information reporting
  • Denial management process –  including appeals and reporting
  • Electronic claims submission
  • Electronic remittance
  • Third party follow-up
  • Line item posting
  • Lockbox arrangements
  • Patient statements
  • Fee analysis