Managed Care


Practice Management Group, LLC offers providers a complete managed care billing and management service. Our innovative managed care billing service enables an increase in collections and faster payments. Billing errors are caught and corrected before they become problems which translates into a reduction in denials and an increase in cash flow. Our customized system automatically compares contractual reimbursement against actual remittance. We incorporate each of your contractual reimbursement guidelines into our system resulting in accurate and reliable comparisons at the time of posting. Our hands-on approach is what makes us successful in the “business” of medicine. If there is a discrepancy, our accounts receivables manager personally contacts the insurance company to ensure correct payment. Whether it’s five dollars or five thousand, it is still your money and we will not stop until it is all collected.

PMG offers a broad spectrum of additional services in regards to managed care and insurance, including:

  • Managed care contract evaluation and negotiation
  • Licensure maintenance
  • Credentialing file maintenance for each physician along with managed care application completion
  • Insurance evaluation and negotiation
  • Contract compliance monitoring