Frequently Asked Questions

Q: We are thinking of outsourcing our practice’s billing functions. If we choose Practice Management Group, LLC, do we need to purchase software?

A: No.


Q: What size practices does PMG serve?

A: PMG services a broad range of practices. We are a nationwide company that serves multiple groups, large practices and solo practices.


Q: Can there be separate fee schedules set up by physician/clinic?

A: Yes. Clinics may have different fee schedules.  These schedules will be set up during the implementation process and are easily maintained.


Q: Can patient bills be customized to our practice?

A: Yes. In addition, the system can be set up to send a different remark each time the patients are billed for the same balance. For example, on the second bill you may want to say, “Your balance is 30 days past due. Please send a payment promptly.” The third bill may say, “We have not received payment on your account. Your account will be eligible for collections in 10 days.”


Q: Where does a patient call with a billing question?

A: PMG has a series of toll-free lines dedicated for patient calls. The toll-free number will appear on all patient bills. PMG handles all patient billing inquiries for you in a manner that is professional and polite.


Q: How do we receive our financial reports?

A: PMG provides financial reports in different formats depending on each client’s request. Reports are sent by email, US Mail, or both. All clients receive a custom- generated,  end-of-the-month report.  Our clients can always email, or call their PMG manager to request additional reports.


Q: How do we get our claims to you?

A: Claims may be scanned to a HIPAA compliant secure File, faxed, mailed (USPS “priority mail”)


Q: Do you transmit claims electronically?

A: Yes, to those companies that have the capabilities. Claims can also be submitted to us electronically through a secure internet connection.