Anesthesia Services


Practice Management Group, LLC, recognizes the uniqueness involved with Anesthesia billing and coding. As a result, PMG utilizes a powerful software system that was specifically designed to accommodate the nuances of anesthesia practices. This system includes an automated concurrency processing module that notifies us when conflicts arise from improper entry of case data. If concurrency problems arise, they are immediately corrected as our software has a visual alert system in place to recognize problems specific to anesthesiologists, CRNA’s, or if more than four cases are running for the same anesthesiologist. We have instant update capabilities to correct anesthesia case data. At the end of every day, each case is personally reviewed for accuracy and after all the data has been approved, our system will then automatically post and calculate all appropriate charges. Our goal is to collect on our first submission, which is why we chose a system that utilizes “scrubbers” to review and correct a claim prior to the claim going out.

Our Anesthesia Services Include:

  • Comprehensive billing and collections
  • Accounts receivable management
  • Practice management & information reporting
  • Charge & Reimbursement analysis
  • Coding (CPT/ASA & ICD-10) by certified coding professionals
  • Concurrency reporting
  • Coding and Compliance auditing
  • Contracting assistance
  • Insurance follow-up specialists
  • Unit fee analysis